About us

The Story Behind ACE

ACE Direct is founded by Steven Mavrou, AKA 'The Kitchen Guy'. From working on the shop floor of his family business Andy Catering, one of London's longest and most successful catering supply companies, to creating commercial kitchen's for Michelin Star restaurants and Premier League Football Clubs Steven has unequivocal experience and passion for hospitality industry.

This unique knowledge and access to some of the most famous kitchen's in the UK has been a hit on social media, where he showcases he's latest projects and gives an invaluable insight into what happens 'beyond the pass'. 

It's a Family Thing

Steven believes he's strength and understanding of the industry all comes from his Dad and his experience at Andy Catering. Established in Leyton, East London in the 1980's it remains one of London's longest and most successful catering supply companies.

However as the the business grew and the industry landscape evolved, Steven decided to open a separate division, ACE Direct, focusing on the design and build side of the business. This allowed him to spend more time focusing on each individual client's needs with his bespoke approach

The Future is Direct

Throughout he's career he has met and worked with hundreds of restaurant owners, chefs and operational directors, as well as owning two successful restaurants himself, which has given him a unique insight into the needs of his clients - which is why they continue to come back to him with new projects.

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